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Introducing. . .

Hokkabaz, Turkish Import. Photo taken May 2013
Approx 14 months

Turkish Import

Hokka lives with our intact males and does well in our multidog household.

He is a serious boy, a good guardian. Still growing up.

Sam, with young Hokka
Hokka at about 8 months, with our other import, Sam.
You can learn more about Sam, on his page.

ASDCA Registration has started 2013
DOB: March 25, 2012
Coat color: Black with white toes, chest medallion
Weight: (still growing)
Height approx. "


Hokka is pretty typical and expects formal introductions to new things in his life.
He is popular when he visits the vet and enjoys the attention he gets.

Hokka approaching
Hokka at 14 months

Hokka, front.
Hokka front, 14 months

Hokka has a notarized translated three generation pedigree
We only list his parents and grandparents here

Sire: Arab (Kazim x Neri)
Dam: Ferda (Cihan x Cansu)

This working dog is a relative but NOT a parent of Hokka
Turkish shepherds have breed their herd guardians to do job.
This is what has defined the coban kopegi for millenia.

To read more about documented black Anatolians, go to this page:


Below are some photos of Hokka as a puppy in Turkey

Baby Hokkabaz
Above, having some yal. Ears intact.
Below, older, with ears cropped.
Hokka, coat phase. Yal in Turkey.
Agouti pattern of some sort? Note the coat color phase and the strong black mask extension
pattern--from the head, the muzzle, ears, down the throat and over the legs.

Two puppies and black goat Hokkabaz pup from the rear

Above, with an unrelated puppy, and black goat in the background. And a shot from behind.

Hokka, puppy headshot
Hokka as a weanling pup, in Turkey - headshot.

For information about Hokka, contact us:
Christine Kelley

email: Chrisk101@yahoo.com
PH: 954-987-1366 
in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida